Pasture-raised poultry, eggs and pork

The Hendrickson Homestead is a family-owned and operated farm and poultry abattoir. We proudly produce pasture raised egg layers, broiler chickens, turkey, pork and beef, in the most natural way possible. We proudly practice regenerative farming.

About Us

  • Regenerative Agriculture

    All our animals are exposed to fresh grass, bugs, air and sunshine! We reverse climate change by drawing down carbon from growing strong pasture plants and forests maintained and fertilized by our animals. 

    This produces a superior, healthier, better tasting product.

  • Our Products

    We offer broiler chickens, turkey, pork, beef and eggs raised in a regenerative pasture.  Pasture raised, fed Non-GMO feed with no antibiotics or chemicals. 

  • The Abattoir + Custom Cutting

    Hendrickson Homestead offers a vital service to the local farm community by processing chickens and offering cut & wrap specific to the farmers specifications.